Healing Through Grieving
For anyone who
has lost a loved one



The Grief Healing Program is a consumable product and as such individual programs are not returnable. A reassignment card is provided in each folio for reassigning the program to another individual should a person desire to not receive the program or has received more than one program as a gift.

Quantity buyers may return programs which have unopened packaging without damage and have assigned serial numbers to the units when sold, which will be verified by Grief Healing Inc. Shipment authorization number must be obtained before product may be retuned and will only be accepted with shipping pre paid. Grief Healing Inc. will then refund the purchase price less a restocking charge per program, which may change without notice, but will be stated when a return shipment number is requested. The current restocking charge is 40% of the single unit price for each unit returned.

Privacy Policy :

No information obtained about the purchaser or the recipient of the Grief Healing Program will be shared in any way or in any format. The names and addresses will only remain in the system as long as he or she is receiving the program. All Programs have a serial number and all information will be tracked by that number and not by purchaser or recipient name, other than for internal verification of mailing instructions. Once the program has been completed names and addresses will be eliminated from all data bases associated with the program and fulfillment. Demographic information will be tracked by serial number and zip code only.


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