Healing Through Grieving
For anyone who
has lost a loved one

Detailed Description of Program

Healing through Grieving is a 20 issues series that is sent to the individual over a sixteen-month time span.

The entire series is kept in a fine quality, zippered folio which serves as a memorial.

Page size is 8 x 11 inches with print that is easy to read.

Each monthly issue is eight pages, printed in color and comes with an Introductory Letter about the issue.


Content includes:

  • The Grieving Process

  • Stories

  • Referral Information

  • Poetry

  • Relaxation Guide

  • Meditation Guide

  • Journaling Guide and pages to get started

  • Exercises to Help Process Grief

  • Care Tips for Family and Friends

  • Grief Checklist (will be on back of the introductory letters for Issues 3 - 14)

The folio comes with the First Issue, Special Issues, Journaling Guide and Resource Information in place.

Special Issues:
Helping Children Grieve
Loss of Parent (Adult Loss)
Loss of Child (In deaths under the age of 20)
Grief, Religion and Spirituality

Journaling Guide with:
Journaling pages to get started
Relaxation Guide
Meditation Guide
Plan Ahead for Special Days Guide
Introduction to Grieving Process:
Research: Grief and Physical Health
Reading Lists: Loss Specific
Organizational Resources List
Issues 2 through 15 are mailed one a month by Grief Healing Inc. Each comes:
  • With an Introductory Letter
  • Hole punched for placement in the folio
  • Mailed in an 8 x 11 inch envelope easily identified by picture on label
  • The Holiday Issue is mailed in October.
  • The One Year Anniversary Issue is mailed the month before the
    Anniversary of the Death.

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