Healing Through Grieving
For anyone who
has lost a loved one


I offered to review the Healing through Grieving Program for Dr. Reed to provide insight from my training and experience. I also hoped the program would help me deal with the impending death of my father.

The program was very helpful. I was able to develop a closeness and intimacy with my father during the last six weeks of his life that I do not believe would have happened without the insights gained from the Healing through Grieving Program.

The approach and layout of the program are sound from a learning perspective. Issues mailed monthly for an extended period of time validates, for the recipient, that the grieving process does not happen overnight and delivers insights “just in time.” The combination of text, poetry, pictures, and exercises addresses the multiple ways people process information. The length of each issue keeps it from being overwhelming, encouraging people to take a few minutes to scan it when it arrives and study it at their leisure.

Lisa Cheraskin, Director
Leadership Development, Eli Lilly and Company

I have just finished reviewing your Healing through Grieving Program and am greatly impressed. I didn’t plan to do more than scan it, but I found that it captured my attention and touched some of my own losses so that I spent all morning with it. Your creativity and heart as well as head level wisdom about grief healing are outstanding.

The moving poems, pictures and wise words from many sources will enrich and extend the grief caring ministry of those who to put this program in the hands of the bereaved.

Dr. Howard Clinebell, Professor Emeritus of Pastoral
Psychology and Counseling, Claremont School of Theology

The writing is factual, emotional and honest.

Donald Frick, Author and Consultant

…step-by-step help for any who journey the difficult, often frightening road which twists ahead after the death of a loved one. The wisdom here comes from many sources; it is skillfully paced, easily accessible, never overwhelming—clear, tested, trustworthy—a companion along the universal path of both the pain and the healing.

Rev. Dr. Richard E. Hamilton, United Methodist Pastor, retired

I sincerely wish I would have had a tool like Ken Reed has developed for extending the ministry to the bereaved when I, and others, clergy and caregivers, had to focus our energies on more immediate demands. I commend it for use by any large parish.

Rev. Dr. Joe G. Emerson, United Methodist Pastor, retired

There is certainly ample material available on the grief process. But, Dr. Reed’s work is the only program I have seen that provides the structure to lead people through recovery and growth during the months that follow a significant loss. We have a lot of pastoral care available at the Franklin United Methodist Community. Yet, we value the program written by Dr. Reed so much that we have placed a pre-paid order for enough material to initiate this program for our residents.

The Rev. Dr. Joseph L. Trueblood, Executive Director
Franklin United Methodist Community
Franklin, Indiana

…Having lost my father, mother and daughter, I can relate to the subject matter of your Healing through Grieving Program. I was impressed with your program and feel strongly that it would be welcomed and would assist most people through the tragic loss of a loved one.

Jennifer Bostian, Christ the Savior Lutheran Church

It seems that every aspect of grief is lovingly dealt with in this program. As the reader goes through his/her days, months, and even years of life without the deceased loved one, loving and practical words are right there, offering guidance and help for each situation.

Judy Fries, proofreader/editor

Healing through Grieving fills an important gap in ministry with the grieving by making reliable, comforting, and challenging contact with persons throughout an extended period of time following the loss. The material is sensitively written, theologically sound, and accessible to a wide readership. It offers an important new resource for those who grieve (i.e. all of us) and for those who care for persons struggling with losses of various kinds.

K. Brynolf Lyon, Ph.D. Professor
Practical Theology and Pastoral Care
Christian Theological Seminary

The content is superb. It is my hope that Healing through Grieving will be used by pastors, grief counselors, funeral industry personnel and others. This is truly a contribution to the spiritual and emotional health of those who will be the recipients.

The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Hamm
General Minister and President
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Healing through Grieving is like a healing balm for the soul when it is in its darkest place. His words bring comfort, strength and hope for a better tomorrow. The thoughts are like a gentle whisper that can be heard over the loud sounds of sadness.

Gerry Rhea, Board Chairperson
Brooke’s Place, a grief counseling center for children and teens

I was so impressed with your Healing through Grieving program. It feeds right into our program and we are going to use it. It is so timely. You have designed a wonderful aid to this ministry. It is sad to have to experience such a tremendous loss as that of our spouses to begin to see the need of others who are suffering the same losses.

Ellen M. Rhoades, Coordinator of the Grief Recovery Program
First United Methodist Church
Anderson, Indiana

The area of grief ministry is overlooked in most of our congregations. Your Grief Healing Program provides a wonderful avenue for bereaved persons to be cared for, comforted, and accompanied through their lonely healing time.

Thank you, Ken, for using your own grief and healing in such a positive endeavor, creating for others a gift you could have used so well in your time of mourning the death of your beloved wife. You have offered to our church an intelligent, useful companion which will help bereaved persons see their way through their sorrow to the hope that awaits.

The Rev. Katharine L. Walker, Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
West Lafayette, Indiana
Former District Superintendent

I want to thank you…Since my husband’s death, your program of Grief Healing has been a great source of comfort and help to me on both an emotional and spiritual level. It is a program that I feel should be available in every church and counseling center. It was an invaluable guide for me.

Carol C. Rogers, Teacher and former school principal

My review of Grief Healing only served to increase the positive evaluation I have had for the program since you first described the concept to me some years ago…I think the church is a “natural” for distributing it. Persons dealing with grief will particularly be motivated to turn to organizations that can be “trusted” and who would already be associated with the situation they are facing.

Frank D. Walker, Chairman

…because of the variety of program and ministry demands, providing ongoing care to families after the death of a loved one is difficult. We don’t always provide the consistent contact people need over the course of their bereavement and recovery…giving the program to an individual following a funeral would say, in a genuine way, that the church cares.

The Rev. Dr. John B. Wantz, Senior Pastor
Meridian Street United Methodist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

We were thrown into the world of loss when our young son died from leukemia. Sadness was everywhere. It was an unknown world full of helplessness. We felt very alone.

The material provided by Dr. Ken Reed helps guide one through the grief following a loss. Ken’s material helps the reader realize their feelings are common and eases the harsh loneliness. The worksheets encourage one to put their thoughts on paper. We both found writing to be helpful in our grief. Giving it is an act that shows someone cares.

Chris and Cheri Miller, Christ the Savior Lutheran Church

Your Healing through Grieving Program provides a critical missing piece in our bank of resources for ministry. I’ve been on the “receiving” end of pastoral grief ministry several times, and found it ineffectual at best. What a blessing it would have been for me and my family if our pastor had had the resources your program provides. I’m acutely aware of the constant demands placed on pastors…I wish your program might someday be available to all those called upon as agents of healing and grace to the bereaved.

Lynne B. DeMichele, Director
Indiana United Methodist Church Communications

Dr. Ken Reed’s Grief Healing program is a labor born from a lifetime of love and ministry. In my over 30 years of ministry I have never seen a better tool to help people through the process of grief. I plan to use it with my congregation.

The Rev. Dr. Ronald F. VerLee, Senior Pastor
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana

My customary pastoral visit or two to a grieving person/family is far from sufficient, if the truth be told. I’ve been on the lookout for grief resources that can help our parish be more sensitive and present to those in our parish experiencing grief/loss. After reading this resource, we’ve said such a resource is long, long overdue!! …We’re shortly moving toward using this resource with more and more grieving persons in our parish. This way, we can share the helpfulness of the faith in the midst of mourning, not overnight, but over time.

Pastor Joe Freeman, Senior Pastor
Christ the Savior Lutheran Church
Fishers, Indiana

I particularly like the fact that you did not just write a book, but designed a program which is highly “user friendly” and beneficial to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Our Religious Congregation wants to make it available to members of our Community who have lost a loved one. Thank you for caring enough to share your own story of grieving and for sharing your knowledge and expertise in a manner that will help others to heal.

Sister Anna Maria Sanders, C.PP.S.
Catholic Chaplain at Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio

As one who was involved in pastoral ministry I wish I had had materials like this to share with people during their time of grief, transition and adjustment. I believe what Ken Reed has done captures the various phases of the grieving process and gives tremendous guidance for the months ahead. I believe it is a resource that pastors and other professionals who deal with grief will use to great advantage.

Rev. Dr. James D. Jones, Executive Assistant to the Bishop,
Indiana Area United Methodist Church

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