Healing Through Grieving
For anyone who
has lost a loved one
"...step-by-step help for any who journey the difficult, often frightening road which twists ahead after the death of a loved one. The wisdom here comes from many sources; it is skillfully paced, easily accessible, never overwhelming--clear, tested, trustworthy--a companion along the universal path of both the pain and the healing."

 Richard E. Hamilton
United Methodist Pastor, Retired

"And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."

Kahlil Gibran

Find caring listeners; listeners are there for you.

"The word 'courage' comes from the French word coeur which means 'heart.' It took courage for you to love and be vulnerable to your deceased loved one. It takes courage now to be vulnerable in sharing your losses."

Kenneth E. Reed


The writing is factual, emotional and honest. "The moving poems, pictures, and wise words from many sources will enrich and extend the grief caring ministry of those who arrange to put this program in the hands of the bereaved."

Dr. Howard Clinebell, Professor Emeritus of Pastoral
Psychology and Counseling, Claremont School of Theology

“We were thrown into the world of loss when our young son died from leukemia. Sadness was everywhere. It was an unknown world full of helplessness. Many times we questioned if our feelings were normal. We felt very alone.
Dr. Ken Reed helps guide one through grief, to realize their feelings are common, easing the harsh loneliness.
Receiving confirmation that others understand the magnitude of your struggle is precious and helpful.”

Chris and Cheri

"In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in a dark wood where the way was wholly lost."


"I’ve experienced grief from many different perspectives; divorce, deaths of family members and friends and more recently, a sweetheart. Though each loss was different, the pain was devastating every time.
I sincerely appreciate Dr. Reed sharing his own personal grief walk. The written exercises served as a good mirror of where I was in my healing process and I could identify with the passion of the poetry: what a blessing of comfort."


“We don’t receive wisdom:
we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey that no one can take
for us or spare us.”

Marcel Proust

“My mother’s last years were clouded by Alzheimer disease and I knew firsthand the pain and suffering of this disease. However, I was to discover that the grieving process had its own share of pain and loss.
Thank you for caring enough to share your own story of grieving and for sharing your knowledge and expertise in a manner that helps others to heal.”

Sister Anna Maria

“Only when grief finds its work done
can God dispense us from it.”

Henri Amiel

“The pictures you have used, the poems, etc. are outstanding. You have two issues in there that I have shared with my family, the one on 'Helping Children Grieve' and 'The Death of a Parent (Adult Loss).' They all appreciated them very much and said it did help them understand better.”


It is sometimes helpful to create
a memorial to a loved one.
Eventually, we come to understand that the best memorial to a loved one is to continue growing and living a full life.

“I want to thank you…Since my husband’s death, your program of Healing Through Grieving has been a great source of comfort and help to me on both an emotional and spiritual level…It was an invaluable guide for me.”


"Moving on does not mean forgetting all your loved one meant to you. As you continue through life, all that was born within you out of loving another will forever be a part of you."

Deborah Fletcher

Healing through Grieving is dedicated in memory of my wife, Linda. My task is to take all that was beautiful, kind and meaningful in her life and our relationship and weave it into the tapestry of my future in such a manner that it honors her and gives added meaning to my life. Such is the nature of life, love, death and life after loss.

Kenneth E. Reed

Kenneth E. Reed, Ph.D., is the author of Healing through Grieving. He has drawn upon his past forty years experience as a United Methodist minister and certified chaplain, licensed psychologist, pastoral counselor, theological school educator, community advocate and his own personal losses in writing and designing Healing through Grieving. 

There are two ways to live life:
  one is as though
      nothing is a miracle,
  the other is as though
     everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

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