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      No Comments on FAQ Can the Healing through Grieving Program be used for grieving a death other than the death of a spouse? Is the Healing through Grieving Program a substitute for counseling? What do I do if I have am already receiving the program and I move? If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Benefits for the Bereaved

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The Healing through Grieving Program is designed to keep the bereaved involved in the process of healing through grieving. Healing through grieving leads to:Accepting that your loved one has diedFeeling better physically and emotionallyHaving realistic memories, good and bad, without guiltPutting your life back together (it won’t be the same) Discovering a larger perspective of death that may have religious/spiritual… Read more »

How it works

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The folios come with the first issue, special issues, journaling and resource information already in them. Place a personalized letter of support in the front of the folio. A member of the Church, community or Chaplain, presents the bereaved the folio. Grief Healing Inc. mails the remaining fifteen monthly issues directly to the recipient of the program. When presenting the… Read more »