Healing Through Grieving
For anyone who
has lost a loved one
Kenneth E. Reed, Ph.D., is the author of the Healing through Grieving Program. He has drawn upon his past forty years experience as a United Methodist minister and certified chaplain, licensed psychologist, pastoral counselor, theological school educator, community advocate and his own personal losses in writing and designing the  Healing through Grieving Program.

Rev. Kenneth E. Reed, Ph. D.

Rev. Dr. Dan P. Moseley, is the Herald B. Monroe Professor of Practical parish ministry at Christian Theological Seminary. He served as executive minister of Vine Street Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Nashville, TN for fourteen years. Dan was a contributing author and consultant. Dan P. Moseley
Deborah K. Fletcher, M.A., has a background as a therapist. She has worked to assist individual’s with personally challenging conditions to regain control of their lives. She wrote much of the poetry used in the program, contributed to the writing, design and assumed editorial responsibilities. Deborah K. Fletcher

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