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Can the Healing through Grieving Program be used for grieving a death other than the death of a spouse?

Yes. While there will be some information that targets loss of spouse the overall program design is to help anyone who is grieving a death move along a path towards healing.

Is the Healing through Grieving Program a substitute for counseling?

No. In cases of complicated grief (grief that involves the need to resolve other issues related to the nature of the death because it interferes with the grieving process i.e. murder, suicide, sudden death), it is important to seek help from professionals who have experience in dealing with complicated grief.

The Healing through Grieving Program is designed to inform those who are grieving a death about the grieving process and to help them grieve.

What do I do if I have am already receiving the program and I move?

There is a postage paid, self addressed change of address card that comes in each folio. Simply fill out the necessary information and send it to us or you may contact us by phone or e-mail.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Benefits for the Bereaved

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The Healing through Grieving Program is designed to keep the bereaved involved in the process of healing through grieving.

Healing through grieving leads to:
Accepting that your loved one has died
Feeling better physically and emotionally
Having realistic memories, good and bad, without guilt
Putting your life back together
(it won’t be the same)

Discovering a larger perspective of death that may have religious/spiritual meaning

How it works

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The folios come with the first issue, special issues, journaling and resource information already in them.

Place a personalized letter of support in the front of the folio.

A member of the Church, community or Chaplain, presents the bereaved the folio.

Grief Healing Inc. mails the remaining fifteen monthly issues directly to the recipient of the program.

When presenting the folio, point out the following:

Personalized letter in the front
Grief is a long and painful process, the church/home and members of the community want to help

The page for attaching their loved one’s picture
The Table of Contents
The section for Journaling
Relaxation and Meditation Guides
Items in the Appendix for later review
Tell them they will receive an Issue monthly for the next 15 months, scan the pictures and headers and place it in the folio for reading later

About eight weeks later, call the person, express concern and ask if he/she has received the second issue of the Healing through Grieving Program.